We had to wait until Tuesday for the week to properly starts.

Don't get us wrong, we were working hard on Monday already to make things happen on the next day and the ones after...



On Tuesday, WOODKID and THE SHOES were invited to celebrate CANAL + 30th birthday.

For the special night, they came over with great gifts.

WOODKID performed a new exclusive track, "GO". Hold your tears, and watch below.

And THE SHOES showed up in the company of BETH DITTO, right !

Together, they covered CERRONE"s hit "Supernature". Just put it on repeat.





On the same day, we were so excited to release BLACK ATLASS new video for "JEWELS".

He was too: "Jewels is the embodiment of a dream, the ability to find yourself in another person. In them you find comfort, peace, home. With them, you can be lost in the world and yet still feel grounded, depend on each another for survival and overcome life's adversities as one . Yoann's visuals added another level of meaning to the song. His visuals describe the way celebrities and their love stories are depicted by the media: their love can seem cold and detached, and their lives can sometimes appear too good, or too bad, to be true."

Featuring supermodel Anja Rubik and directed by Yoann Lemoine (aka WOODKID - we love family work!), the piece is real art.

After 8 month of work, Lemoine explains the process: "For this piece, the challenge was to create a video that looked photorealistic but that would not come from a real camera. I worked in a completely different way than I'm used to, I went back to my first love of being a director and CGI artist, and worked on my own in post-production for 8 months to digitally create every single shot in this video on a very limited budget. I used a DIY 3D scan system that rebuilds models from multiple still images, and what we call camera mapping, and played with this material in my computer. All the camera, light, texture movements were animated home and on the road, as I was touring, way after the 3D shoot with the actors in February. I thought the coldness and strangeness of the images was an interesting take on the concept of beauty, luxury industry, of retouching, of computer generated images. I was born with computers but I always thought it was strange to use them to retouch, to fake, or to replace reality. The whole quest for 3D, 4D, pixel resolution, frame rate, and progress in the CGI world only seems to be driven by a fascination for reality emulation, and not that much by artistry and fantasy. To me it's very telling of the human nature and the era we're living in. The reality pictured in this video only exists in the computer I used to create the piece. It's fascinating and alienating too. I loved the idea of humans turned golden like objects, like pieces of furniture. I treated them with the same inhuman but precious care we treat jewels. I wanted to question the limits of incarnation, of organic versus digital, creating a piece that was equally beautiful and horrible. Equally alive and dead. Equally organic and digital. I really want to thank Anja Rubik for saying yes instantly when I presented her the treatment. I thought the vision of her and Alex (Black Atlass) in the video was the perfect, beautiful and cold combination for the video."




In the meantime, our new favorite, SAGE, was shooting his very first video for "In Between" with photographer Ismael Moumin. 

To keep you waiting for the beautiful piece coming in a few weeks, we decided to release the EP on CD, as a delicious exclusivity on our DISCOSTORE, right here:

We'll be back soon with more news, including a report of THE SHOES upcoming gig at La Cigale on Nov. 13th.

Spread the word: there will be some surprises both before and during the show...