You will find on this page all the information needed if you just bought or received a Labelgum Christmas Card. 


 1/ You just bought a Labelgum Christmas Card: 

After your payment, you should have received an email from the Discostore:

- Click on "Get your code" to see the code you will need to use to redeem the gift card

- Then go to this page to customize your Christmas Gift Card: print on of the template below and handwrite what you want

- Give the Labelgum Gift Card to someone you care about (or follow the steps below and treat yourself)


2/ You just received a Labelgum Christmas Card

- Go on the Discostore by clicking on "Store" from this page

- Use the code written on the Christmas Gift Card at checkout to redeem it

- You will receive on top of your order an extra-gift from Labelgum

- Be careful, all gift cards will expire on December 31st 2017